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Apsara is a performance art collective based out of San Francisco. It is a collaborative project of a group of innovative west coast performing artists. We combine dance, characters, stilts, fashion, music, video and fire performance.

Apsara formed in 2000 when we recognized each other as peers and pioneers of the west coast uderground performance art scene. We saw similarities in each others style and vision which inspired collaboration.Apsara is a project of of Shawna, Lycee Lachance, Simone Thayer, Thomas Sepe, Kimvy Iem, Raquel Munoz, mAlAkAi>>>. , and Faux Pas. Apsara collaborates with many artits and are featured performers in El Circo .
The name apsara derives from hindu and buddhist mythology.
Apsaras are feminine spirits, shapeshifters that are well versed in art and music.

Apsara has become a way for us to explore our similarities and share our diversity. We tell stories of personal experience and reinvent culture and art history. Apsara is a platform for us to share our skills of costuming, dance,
theater, moodscape and imagination. A place to dream and inspire.
A reminder to make you dreams reality and your reality a dream.

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